This post was most recently updated on March 2nd, 2019

Rule Your Kingdom

At Glamp Queen, we believe you control your own destiny. You are in charge of how you choose to experience the world.

We believe in immersing yourself in nature, getting closer to your inner cave-person, and going off-grid.

We also believe that roughing it doesn’t need to be rough.

There’s a stigma around glamping that it’s not real camping. Glamping is for posers. Glampers are ruining the outdoors. Well, Glamp Queen is here to change the narrative.

My name is Courtney Martin. I am a glamper, and I will not feel ashamed.

What is glamping?

Glamping is camping taken to the next level. It’s a dedication to comfort while enjoying outdoor activities in your own way. Glamping is camping like royalty.

Camping is an experience everyone should have, no matter your background or knowledge level. You deserve to enjoy the great outdoors as much as anyone else. If you don’t even know where to start, don’t worry. Glamp Queen is here to help.

If you’re ready to learn some cool tips, hear some crazy stories, and get some neat ideas, then great! Let’s have some fun.