What is Glamping? A Beginner’s Guide to Comfortable Camping



an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing.



the activity of spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper.

Glamp Queen What is Glamping 2019 Best Glamping Guide for Beginners 2019

The modern world is hectic. Even small-town America is becoming busier and more technology dependent. Places away from screens and constant traffic are becoming harder and harder to find.

Camping is good for your soul. Plain and simple. However, not everyone is comfortable sleeping on a bed of straw under a lean-to. But nature is great for everyone, even if you’ve never slept in a tent. This is where the glamping trend was born.

Glamping has been a rising trend in outdoorsman circles for a few years now, and it’s easy to understand why. Just like yoga, meditation, or sage burnings, we are seeing a rise in peoples desire to feel a spiritual connection with nature. But getting closer to nature doesn’t have to mean leaving the modern world behind.

Roughing It Doesn’t Need to be Rough

Frankly, in 2019, there’s no reason to be uncomfortable. This includes when you’re camping.

There’s technology and products available to keep you comfortable camping in almost any condition. From four-season tents that work year-round, to tent heaters and camping stoves, there is no reason to be miserable when you go camping. When you ask, “what is glamping?”, this is your answer.

Think of your daily morning routine. You probably wake up, shower, eat breakfast, and maybe watch tv or browse the internet. You can do all those things while camping. And, it’s simpler than you think.

All you would need for those things is a portable shower, a camp stove, and a cellular connection. And boom, you’re doing what you love, while getting closer to nature and relaxing.

But isn’t that Cheating?

There’s an idea some campers have that camping needs to be as difficult as possible. If you aren’t hunting your dinner and sleeping on the ground, then you are doing it wrong. If that’s what you love to do, then that’s great! Enjoy yourself (and be safe). However, if you don’t want to sleep on the ground, then don’t do it. If glamping makes you happy, then do it. It won’t hurt anyone else.

My fiancé and I love camping. We also love laying in bed with our dogs and watching Friends on Netflix. There’s no reason we can’t do both.

Glamping is about doing whatever it is you want to do. How close you want to be to nature is up to you, and what activity you choose is up to you. If you want to spend the entire weekend in the tent reading a book, do it! This is your vacation, don’t worry about what others think you should be doing.

Glamp Queen What is Glamping 2019 Best Glamping Guide for Beginners 2019

Ok, so Exactly What is Glamping?

So, after all that, you still don’t have a clear answer to “What is glamping?” That’s because glamping is something a little different to everyone. It’s a little hard to define, but here goes.



the activity of camping without sacrificing an acceptable level of comfort, defined on an individual basis.

This is the best way I can describe glamping. It’s camping the way that’s most comfortable for you. If that’s a tent, an air mattress, and some basic cooking supplies, that’s great! If it’s an RV in a park with satellite tv and internet, that’s great too.

This is what it all comes down to. Glamping is about getting away from what stresses you and closer to what relaxes you. It’s about taking time to enjoy yourself.

So, How Does a Beginner Start Glamping?

If you’ve been camping before, then glamping isn’t much harder to prepare for. You basically need to pack more comfort items than you’re used to.

If you haven’t been camping before, then don’t stress out. You are still able to go glamping fairly easily.

The first thing you should do is find out where you’re going to go glamping. Next, you should make a list of everything you want to bring with. This includes everything you need to be comfortable and entertained over your trip. Last, be sure you have a emergency plan, just in case. It’s a good idea to go somewhere you have cell service and a basic knowledge of the roads around your glamp site.

If you’re still confused about what to do, we’ll break it down further.

Here’s 5 Things to Figure Out Before You Start Glamping.

  1. Location
  2. Shelter
  3. Sleeping Situation
  4. Food Supplies
  5. Showering/Bathroom Supplies
  6. Activities


Where you choose for your glamping vacation is going to define a lot of the other things on this list. For example, if you choose to stay in a cabin, then most everything else is taken care of. If you are going to camp in a tent in a national park, then you need to arrange a few more things.

For beginners, I would recommend either a cabin or a popular campground in your state. National parks are a great choice. Google “Best campsites in [your state].” This should give you a good place to start.


The next step is figuring out what type of shelter you’ll be staying in. Personally, I like glamping in tents. However, you may choose to stay in a cabin, yurt, RV, or any number of other options. You should be able to find something in your price point that you are comfortable with.

Sleeping Situation

Beds, sleeping bags, blankets, cots; the list goes on. If you’ve made it this far in a list about glamping, then you probably don’t want to sleep in the dirt. However, sleeping on an air mattress or cot for a few days can be cathartic.

When choosing what you’re going to sleep on, be sure to consider the duration of your stay. A camping cot will probably start to hurt your back after a few nights. You’d be better off with a more comfortable option for longer stays.

Glamp Queen What is Glamping 2019 Best Glamping Guide for Beginners 2019

Food Supplies

You need to eat. It’s a fact of life. Most glampers won’t want to rely on catching fish or snaring rabbits. Before a glamping excursion, you’ll want to ration enough food for the duration of your trip.

For a great glamping trip, you can bring dry food, prepped fresh food, or MREs. I recommend to season and package meals in Ziploc bags at home to make cooking easier.

When I go camping with my fiancé, I like to bring a mix of dry food and stuff to cook. This allows us to choose when we feel like cooking and when we feel like eating chips. Bear in mind your own cooking habits. If you hate cooking at home, don’t expect to enjoy cooking in the woods.

Lastly, if you’re starving and don’t feel like cooking, there’s no shame in making 20-mile McDonalds run.

Showering/Bathroom Supplies

To camp in comfort, you’ll probably want to be clean (and if you don’t, no judgements, but we’re not sharing a tent).

Many campsites have showering and bathroom facilities. This is something to be aware of when choosing a location.

If your location doesn’t have facilities, you can purchase a camp shower or portable toilet. They are easy to use and stay clean. Just bring plenty of water and Purell.


This is the best section because it’s completely up to you! Spend your time doing what makes you happy and decompress.

Some activities I like to do while glamping are:

  • Board games
  • Sports (Volleyball, football, soccer, etc.)
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Yoga
  • Reading
  • Drawing/painting
  • Meditation
  • Hiking
  • Dog Cuddles
  • Kayaking
  • Rock climbing
  • Competitive Napping.

“What is Glamping?” Now You Know

Glamping is whatever you want it to be. At it’s core, glamping is a way to get closer to nature and away from your daily stressors. What you do, how you do it, where you do it, and how long you do it for is completely up to you.

You’ve read the whole guide. Now Go! Have fun, and camp whatever way is best for you.

Glamp Queen What is Glamping 2019 Best Glamping Guide for Beginners 2019

Last Tips for Beginners

  • Bring a first aid kit and clean water whenever you go camping
  • Have multiple ways to charge electronics; Power banks and inverters are key.
  • If you’re still intimidated, go with someone more experienced. Your friends will be glad to have you!
  • Stay prepared for emergencies, and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding them
  • Have fun!

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